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Owner Spotlight: Josh Smith, DoubleDave's Metric & Hutto

Owner Spotlight: Josh Smith, DoubleDave's Metric & Hutto
Topic: Community
Location: Metric, Hutto

Owner/Operator - Josh Smith

This is the story of how a young DD's part-timer became a small business owner.

Josh Smith began his DoubleDave's experience as a teenager, by picking up a few shifts at his Uncle Brian's restaurant in Austin. However, he was living in Victoria when we first had the opportunity to work with him, during the opening of the DoubleDave's there, way back in 2010. All were impressed with Josh's abilities and attitude.

Not long after, Josh made his way to Austin and immediately contacted Joey to find out if he had a place for him in one of the Dave Dough locations. Indeed, they did! In fact, they were looking for someone they could develop to eventually run their Metric store, as their latest GM, Urny Maxwell, had recently advanced to Own/Operate the South Park Meadows location. So, Josh started at Metric, quickly made his way to shift leader, and by 2011 he was General Manager. Chuck and Joey knew they had something special in Josh, and began working out ways to get him more involved in the company on a larger scale. They had a feeling he was destined for more than just running a restaurant for someone else. They also knew that by developing a strong leader for an existing location, they would free up time and energy to begin acquiring new units.

Josh began joining the FBCs on some corporate missions outside of Austin, to learn more about store openings and putting out fires. In 2015, he jumped on board immediately to partner at the Mesa location, as well as spending shifts running the Round Rock store during its transition from Jim Goulding to the Mican/McCoy team, all while still making sure the fort was held down at Metric. He was promptly promoted to District Manager, and continued to bounce around the three units. During this time, all were aware that Josh's ultimate goal was to own his very own DoubleDave's.

When Josh finally let Chuck and Joey know he was ready to talk taking over ownership of the Metric location, they were thrilled. He could focus all his energy on his one location, and they could begin searching for the next future franchisee.

"It's very exciting to see this young man that was sling'n dough 6 years ago get his very own restaurant. It was easy for us to let such a great location go, because we know Josh will do even greater things at Metric in the future." says Joey.

Josh is a craft beer aficionado, a business marketing savant (his catering numbers are awesome!), and his customer focus is top notch. He epitomizes DoubleDave's culture and so does his store!

So, let's all raise a punnily-named-hipster-crafted local beer to Josh and his ascension into the ranks of DoubleDave's Franchisees! Congratulations, Josh!

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