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Huntsville Helping Hurricane Harvey First Responders

Huntsville Helping Hurricane Harvey First Responders
Topic: Community
Location: Huntsville

Below is a Facebook post from Mark Adams who wanted to welcome and thank the 38th infantry for helping out during Hurricane Harvey with some DoubleDave's fuel:

"We all know the horrific damage done to southeast Texas leveled by Hurricane Harvey. We have also seen the heroes stepping up to assist those in peril. Today, just for a moment, I got to be a part of two separate hero groups in that effort.
First is the 38th infantry division who were activated and sent to Texas to assist in the effort. I am acutely aware of this group because their commanding officer is General Dave Wood. A friend of mine for the past 25 or so years. When he told me they were coming to Texas, the first thing I said was thank your men for their sacrifices to come help us. Second, was what can I do to make them feel welcome to our state.
I asked if it would be okay to go meet with them and say hello and he said he thought that would be welcomed. As it turned out they would only be in striking distance of me for about 1.5 days. Since my schedule was already filled I inquired if it might be okay if I tried to feed them. I had no idea of their chow status. General Wood sent me contact information for the Ranking officer and ranking noncom so I coordinated with them to provide a little different Texas staple….pizza!
I had previous commitments so I couldn’t make it over in the short window I had. Fortunately, my brother Brian Adams and his son Jake were able to swing by, say hello and give the 38th a big Texas welcome and thank them for dropping what they were doing to come assist here in Texas.
So I have a few real reasons for making this post. First(in no particular order)is thank you 38th infantry for coming to Texas to help out. Second, is thank you Jake and Brian for taking time out to go visit our guests from Indiana. Last, but certainly not least is DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Huntsville. I called them up to send enough pizza to feed the 38th tonight. They said standby, we’ll be right back. They came back on the line and informed me they wanted to comp the order. How awesome is DoubleDave’s Pizza in Huntsville for doing that? They volunteered it, I didn’t ask for that. Hats off to them, every now and then I get surprised by humanity. Today was one of those days.
I want to thank everyone I interacted with today, Dave Wood’s 38th infantry division, my brother and nephew and DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks for the reminding me that the USA is the greatest country in the world, no place I would rather live. As a side note, if you are in Huntsville please support DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks for your pizza fix. They were awesome!
Mark Adams"

General Wood sent the Huntsville location a plaque of appreciation. We thank you, General Wood and the 38th infantry, for your service.

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