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December Employee of the Month: Diane Carmichael

December Employee of the Month: Diane Carmichael
Topic: Community
Location: Rock Prairie

How long have you worked for DoubleDave’s?

Just over 10 years. I have been at this location for 10 years and 29 days. I started at the Boonville location for a few months. Random happening, we went to a movie and the power went out, so we went over to DoubleDave’s for lunch buffet, and the old district manager was there and started talking to me and I applied, I’m still here!

How long have you been a GM?

I have no idea… awhile? At least 3 years? Maybe 4?

Before working at DD’s, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I’ve worked at Barnes and Noble as a supervisor and that was fun! People who read are interesting and there were lots of interesting conversations.

My very first job was at a skating rink at 14 because I used to be on a speed team, we were rink rats.

What’s your favorite DoubleDave’s product?

I’m just a cheese pizza kinda gal. Throw some different cheeses on a thin crust.

Ranch or red sauce?

Thousand Island, yep, Thousand Island allllll the way. Matter of fact I just had a Peproni Roll with Thousand Island. But if we’re talking basics, then ranch.

What are 3 words to describe DoubleDave’s?

There’s so many… Fun, obviously. Tradition. Family, because we’re a family here, we spend so much time together here, you have us older ones that have kids of our own and the ones that this is their first job.

Three words to best describe you:

Outgoing. Funny, I’m very funny. Firm, I have kids.

Favorite Pizza of the Month so far?

S’mores, because I invented it! It was for the Pizza Olympics and I wanted to do something different for the talent round. I had some ideas before, but this is what got me playing in the kitchen. Even tried to do a chocolate dough, but we couldn’t get the flavor to come through.

Tell us about your Philanthropie program?

It all started when I was driving back from Austin thinking, ‘I really want a grilled cheese sandwich, I wonder if you can make a grilled cheese pizza’, I started playing in the kitchen, put in bacon and different cheeses. I was telling my friend about it and she remembers when she came to eat as a kid and could stand on a bench to watch employees make pizza in the kitchen through the glass. My other friends remember it as a part of their childhood, but since we remodeled kids can’t really do that anymore. So, I wanted to create a program to 1) raise money for the community and 2) have people feel like a part of DoubleDave’s. I based it off the Pizza of the Month program; the pizzas are $10 for a medium and 20% of sales are donated back to the group. It’s up to the group to advertise the special on Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, etc. It must be different from anything we’ve done before. We send them a form with what crust, what flavors, etc. they’d like to try. I tell them to look on Pinterest for interesting ideas.

Most interesting Philanthropie creation?

Banana Split or Jalapeno Popper.

Best experience with a customer?

There are so many! When I first started, a customer came in like 5 times a week and always requested the same pizza, and one day he came in at the end of buffet on a really busy day. I said, buffet is on me today since it’s not what we usually offer. He said afterwards “Y’know I had a really bad day today, I don’t know why but you giving me that and remembering me and my favorite food made my day.” He still comes in to this day.

That’s what I love about this place, it makes people feel better, I meant its pizza!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ve been here long enough now, and I’m old enough, I think I’d like to try to get into ownership.

What is your favorite part about working for DoubleDave’s?

Two parts. The people I meet both customers and employees. They are undoubtedly the most unique. The experience. Working at DoubleDave’s has taught me a lot personally and professionally. I have grown so much and learned what only working in a dough slingin’ restaurant can teach you. I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough so I can get them behind the pin!

What advice would you give to recent new hires?

Pay attention. Move quickly. Try to think a few steps ahead. Listen to people who are trying to help you. Learn from mistakes. Have a blast. Smile at everyone! Hug your mother. And don’t walk behind the oven guy.

What did you want to be when growing up?

My mother said I don’t have to grow up until she does.

What do you like to do on your days off?

Be a mom!

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

I would rent the Bryan/College Station stores out for the day. Send food to all local service people; Police, Fire, Teachers, etc. and then I would throw a huge, catered party for the DoubleDave’s crews!

What’s the best vacation you’ve taken?

My ma and I went to Hawaii the summer before 5th grade. Just the two of us. It was a breathtaking experience.

What’s the first concert you went to?

George Strait at the rodeo when I was in high school (Jessamy is super jealous of this!!!) He used to put on the George Strait Country Music Festival at Rice Stadium, he’d have Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and all these up-and-comers play that are now huge.

What music do you like to play on your shift?

80’s awesomeness, 70’s rock, or the 50’s. We might have a few dancers and singers in my kitchen.

If you were an animal what would you be?

An elephant. They are magnificent and wise animals. They are always moving forward. Occasionally they stop to remember the past but then they stand up and move on. They move in packs of strong females. Other than that, I would be a giraffe because I am short and it would be nice to see what’s going on sometimes.

Anything else you want to add?

I want to say, ‘thank you’ to all the corporate folks for working so hard to make DoubleDave’s thrive and create programs like this and our day at Dave-Con. I enjoy working with such fun people and it’s nice that y’all take the time to notice what we do at the restaurant level. I also want to say thank you to Larry Hodges and Joe Adair for listening to my crazy ideas and letting me see what I am capable of accomplishing. Hi, Mom!

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