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Going Above and Beyond!

Going Above and Beyond!
Topic: Community
Location: Boonville, Rock Prairie

As the District Manager for DoubleDave's Pizzaworks in Bryan and College Station, Joe Adair cares about more than just serving up great food. He proved it this week when he went to some stinky lengths to track down something a customer lost.

"A gentleman apparently dropped some money when he brought some students in to eat lunch," said Adair.

It wasn't just a $20 that was misplaced during that Wednesday lunch in College Station. There were hundreds of dollars inside an envelope that accidentally fell and was left on the floor.

"It was meant to be their food money," said Joe.

The out-of-town teacher returned to the restaurant later, desperate to find those funds.

"He did tell me it was either find the money or it was going to come out of his pocket, and I know he's an educator. Both my parents were educators - retired since, so I know that's kind of hard to come by. Being a few hundred dollars, it was pretty significant," said Joe.

They reviewed their camera footage and saw the envelope was thrown in the trash when the area was cleaned.

"We tried to look in the dumpster outside. Its just, it's a compactor. Didn't really want to mess with that," he said.

So Joe called the city to find out when and where that trash was going.

That led him to the landfill where he searched for about 45 minutes before finding the buried treasure.

"Oh elated. I'm stoked. Everybody should do like one good thing like once a week. You know something like that. Help somebody push their car if it's broken down," he said.

Joe has contacted the teacher to give him the good news. He plans to mail him the money in a check or cashier's check soon.

(Article written by KBTX -

Here at DoubleDave's Pizzaworks, we are so honored to have someone like Joe on our team. We are humbled by his actions and strive to follow his example of kindness. Thank you for all you do, Joe!


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