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Hall of Fame Award: Urny Maxwell

Hall of Fame Award: Urny Maxwell
Topic: DoubleDave's History
Location: Buda

At Dave-Con 2022 we presented the "Hall of Fame" Award to Buda franchise owner, Urny Maxwell, who has been with DoubleDave's since 1995!


When did you start and which location?


I started in mid-February of 1995 at the Duval Street location (no longer open) just north of UT campus as a delivery driver while attending college.


Favorite DoubleDave's product?


The Peproni Rolls were a fave of mine before I started.  My cousin Chris introduced them to me around ’93 and I still love them to this day!  I do have a favorite pizza that some people in the DD's fam are privy to.  I came up with it and a former employee of mine dubbed it the “Green Dragon” (presumably because of the bell peppers).  It’s a Deep Dish crust with bell peppers, pepperoni, sausage, and jalapenos.  Mmmm…


Favorite thing about being in Buda?


I like the sorta-small-town atmosphere of the community while still retaining lots of bigger city perks being so close to Austin.  The community has been very welcoming!


Urny was the guitarist for the band Cruiserweight. We asked what he missed most about being in the band and touring:


Well, what can I say?  It was a huge part of my life for many years and I miss it still.  We did a good amount of touring for quite a while – even going to Europe and Japan.  A big reason I’m still here, however, is that no matter how long I was gone on tour, I always had a job at DD’s when I returned.  Heck, there was one time we were gone for 8 months solid…


Are you hiring right now in Buda?


I’m almost always hiring.  Come on by – I prefer to meet in person!

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