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Franchise Support

At DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks we want you to have all the information you need to make an educated decision about your future with us. So, we’ll give you the answers to all your questions. And we won’t waste your time either. If you don’t find the answers here, simply call us and we’ll give you an answer in real time, right now.


The most often asked 3 questions are: How much does it cost? How much can I make? Where’s my location?

There are two ranges of investment for a DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks franchise. If we find a 2,000 to 3,000 square foot location with you that is a former restaurant, your investment (including working capital) could range from $322,500 to $427,500. If the location is a vanilla shell retail space, it could cost more, in the range of $407,500 to $499,500. You can find more detailed information on the Investment Sheet.

How much you can make depends on how well you operate. That’s the “stock” answer for every franchise—but DoubleDave’s is different. We’ll show you our numbers. In fact, if you send in the Questionnaire, we’ll send you our franchise documents. In our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you can find our sales numbers in Item 19, Financial Performance Representations. We’re proud of our franchise owners, and their performance shows it.

Finally, your own DoubleDave’s location is critical to our mutual success, so we want to take our time finding the best location. We’ll give you our location criteria, and advise you on each possible location. We will personally inspect your best choice. You have 6 months to find a suitable location. A good location is worth waiting for; so don’t settle for a secondary site just because it’s available first. You will also get a protected area around your location, and perhaps an opportunity to expand.

How long does it take to open my own DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks Restaurant?

It can take from 6 to 12 months to open after you’re signed up with DoubleDave’s. Finding the best location is the most important—and time consuming. Construction remodeling usually takes about 90 days. That’s why it varies by up to 6 months. We want you to be open successfully as soon as possible, but you have up to a year to open (or longer if it’s needed).

Do I need to have restaurant management experience to own a DoubleDave’s?

The short answer is “no.” Owners with restaurant experience can shorten the ramp to profitability, but many of our owners didn’t start with food experience, and they’re doing well. If you don’t have restaurant experience, we require that you hire at least 2 key employees (manager & assistant manager) who have at least several years of restaurant management history. The better you and your staff are prepared, the better you will perform—and profit.

How about my training, and training for my employees?

DoubleDave’s provides for a concentrated two-week training program for you and your two key employees. You will receive a complete training manual before you start training, and you will be tested as you go through training. Training is mandatory for all your personnel, whether in our locations or on-site in yours. We know the better your staff is trained, the better they will perform for you. It’s not just the procedures and processes we teach, it’s our DoubleDave’s culture—we love what we do and it shows. We treat each other with respect, kindness and professionalism—just like we treat our customers—and that shows, too!

What kind of support can I expect from DoubleDave’s after I open?

Constant, continuous and conscientious support from a team of experienced DoubleDave’s Field Support Pros. You will be assigned to a Pro who will become your best asset next to your own staff. Other franchise companies use their field support people to report on what franchise owners are doing wrong—that isn’t DoubleDave’s way. We want the very best for you, and from you. We strive to help you achieve and maintain “best practices.” That way errors get eliminated or minimized. When you give your best, we’ll do our best to support you and your success.

How do I promote my DoubleDave’s around my location?

We have tested and proven marketing tools at your disposal—even before you open. We have a genius marketing team, who have multiple programs, events, ads, and ideas to help you get the most attention and benefit for your marketing budget. At the heart of your success is local community involvement. You may support local school sports teams; offer employee discounts to major businesses; donate food to worthy causes; and a host of other ways to show you support your community. And believe this—they will respond with more business for you. We can help you learn how to determine which actions will serve you best, based on our franchise owners’ extensive community experience.

What are the steps to owning my own DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks restaurant?

Well, it starts with our food experience. If you haven’t been to a DoubleDave’s, you need to come in, preferably during lunch or dinner, and use your senses to watch, smell, listen, touch and taste the DoubleDave’s experience. Our inviting atmosphere, friendly service, attractive food, tempting aromas, and all the smiles of folks enjoying the food and the “family” that is your DoubleDave’s team.

Next, send in your Questionnaire; receive and review our franchise documents; and then schedule a personal appointment to answer your questions and explore our mutual goals for your own DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks franchise. Then, if our goals match up, you’ll meet with our CEO, Chuck Thorp—a man weaned on DoubleDave’s since darn near birth, with a passion for maroon and the great outdoors. In fact, his greatest delight (aside from his own family) is our DoubleDave’s family of franchise owners and our support staff.

Lastly, when you two agree on your goals, whether a single location or development of several locations, you will be have the opportunity to join our growing franchise family—and we’ll be proud to welcome you to DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, so let’s get started…

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