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DoubleDave's Aggie Franchise Owners

Topic: DoubleDave's History

Our Aggie Bloodline:

Jim Goulding, class of '74 - Round Rock 
John Alexandrides, class of '87 - Keller 
Larry Hodges, class of '88 - College Station,  The Woodlands
Clifton Marble, class of '00 - Sugar Land 
Craig Chupik, class of '00 - Abilene & San Angelo 
David Ezzell, class of '92 - Waco 
Scott Mosier, class of '95 - Lubbock 
Michael Deo, class of '97 - College Station, The Woodlands, Kleinwood
Nathan Mican, class of '99 - Austin 
Amy MCoy, class of '02 - Austin 
Joey Bramwell, class of '02, is the Director of Operations of DoubleDave's Pizzaworks Systems, Inc. 
Charles M. (Chuck) Thorp, Jr., class of '88, is the Chief Executive Officer of DoubleDave's Pizzaworks Systems, Inc. Chuck is related to Pinky Wilson, who wrote the Aggie War Hymn in a World War I trench. Chuck was, indeed, born with maroon blood. 

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